What you don’t understand about BigBrotherNaija.

Someone was complaining on how bad and irrelevant Big Brother Naija is to the society and how it only promotes immorality.

The same person watches movies, and sees immorality which cannot even be compared to that of BBN.
I personally have been misled by this prejudice over the years as I would not watch or entertain any gist on BBN for whatsoever.
So this year, because of how the year has taken it’s turn, I decided to watch and see things for myself. I started with the reunion of the previous season and I was amazed with how much insight I got.
I learnt a lot of things about personal and interpersonal relationship, things about life generally which I cannot start mentioning now.
It made me anticipate for the next season, which is currently taking place now and I’m watching and enjoying every bit of it.
As I started watching BBN, my problem was how it only gives the privileged and those already making it big to be richer and popular, but then I came to know that nobody is actually restricted from coming for the audition, that it takes intelligence, smartness vision and goal orientedness than money to pass for it.
Another fellow was like the money and resources spent on BBN should rather be used to develop the country. I laughed at the person’s ignorance on the deplorable state of Nigeria’s government and leadership.
I came to realize that one of the problems with Nigerians is narrow-mindedness and dealing with it should be added to the point agenda if this country must get better.
What if we focus on the innumerable advantages of BBN?
What if we see that BBN is another form of youths empowerment?
What if we focus on the skills, talents and premium entertainment on display there?
What if we focus on the intelligence, smartness and wisdom these housemates exhibit?
What if we focus on learning interpersonal relationship?
What if we understand that with the money, endorsements, national recognition, resources and fame these housemates get, they would be able to set up NGOs for the less privileged and also employ and empower fellow youths?
What if we understand that BBN is one of the ways its sponsors get to advertise and promote their brands?
If we see BBN in these lenses, only then would we be able to know that BBN is like other means of entertainment like football matches, movies etcetera, and that it is bigotry and irrational to think BBN only promotes immorality and is irrelevant to the society.
Think about it.




Dwelling in no lack.
I am called black
While to me I spark.
Glittering even in the dark.
That’s our colour
O we men of valour.
Evidences of our candour
So glary in our pasture.
Black! O yes our identity.
Irrefutable is our magnanimity.
We’ve been confirmed devoid falsity
And we delight in our capability.
O! call me a Black!
Hail me an African!
Shout it so loud!
That’s whom He made me!
~Chibuike Vince-Jeffrey~